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I'm wondering if you can use the Guest wifi network feature on an Airport Extreme that is in bridged mode. When I say bridged mode, I do NOT mean "extending" a wireless network (like many threads with a smiliar title seem to mean). What I mean is that I have a single Airport Extreme. I want to use it as a wireless access point, while continue to use my ISP's modem/router combo as the DHCP provider. The ISP box will have no wifi enabled. The Airport will connect to that box (via a large switch) and be convfigured as a bridge, instead of "distributing IP addresses" itself.


I know that in this setup, a regular wireless network is not a problem. But I've never tried a regular and a guest network together, while in bridged mode. I'm hoping this is do-able, because I don't think the DHCP in the ISP box can be turned off. Plus we only planned for a single ethernet cable going up a floor to where this airport is going to live. If it is going to be the DHCP provider too, then there would have to be a second ethernet cable, so the airport can logically be between the ISP box and the switch.