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I have just bought a Apple TV (3rd Gen) and find it is really slow to stream TV shows or movies. I thought this was supposed to be fast?

AppleTV 2
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    it will never be faster then your Internet connection can provide

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    I have a 130 Mbps plan that actually varies in speedtests between 30-80 Mbps down. I'm on a 2nd gen. Apple TV with an Airport Extreme connected via Ethernet.


    Apple TV trailers don't load right away 80% of the time. This weekend, it still has been taking about an hour start playback on a 45 minute show, making this whole thing highly unusable.


    I contacted my ISP, tried re-routing through different DNS servers, re-booting over and over, but I'm getting tired of it.

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    I personally think its an apple issue , I carnt even do an update or even activate one of my atv's, the other wont even download a film even though my Mac is doing it within minutes