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Just recently my MBPr is very slow on printing to HP printers.  The same with scanning.  It takes about a minute to locate the devices, but before it was very fast to send out the print jobs. Windows machines do not have the same issue on the network.


I have all the latest software and even tried to re-install the latest Apple HP Drivers from April. 


The same issue is happening on a colleaques macbook pro retina as well.  10.8.3 with latest drivers.


Any suggestions?




MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Try pinging the printers in the Network Utility application. Is that slow?

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    Ok - I think I found the problem.  Someone reset out IP range to x.x.1.x instead of x.x.5.x.  So the printer was on the old range and the Mac may have had a hard time properly routing to it.  Just my guess.  Seems to be working now.


    Thanks for the push to Network Utility!