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I am in major need of help. I used to be able to mount on different volumes that were on my server from any account. I was having trouble with permissions on the volume and played around with them.I put no access to anyone but then changed it back to allow access but it continued to not allow access to the volume. When I looked on the server it said everyone had access to read and write in the volume, but when I looked on an account computer it said everyone had no access. I ran a verify report in Disk Utility on the volume and after that it wouldn't allow me to mount on to the volume.


In server admin I can see the volume under AFP Share Points but when I try to connect to it from an account computer by going Go-> Connect to Server ->my server->     the volume is not even an option.


Under Server Admin when I select the volume and go to Share Point and Protocol Options the Share this item using AFP is checked.


How can I get the volume to show up on my list of volumes to mount?

Xserve, OS X Server