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I'm using TM to backup files on my iMac (OS 10.8.3). I want to regularly backup "Pictures" (and inside that folders my new Aperture3 Library)  and "Documents", so I've set up TM preferences to exclude the following:





~/Google Drive







.../User Guides And Information.localized


In addition to the internal HD I have an external HDD . However... I seem to have two sets of Backup.backupdb folders and I'm not sure what's going where, why and when.


On the HD:  HD>Backups.backupdb>My iMac>number sequence, e.g. 2011-08-09-124425 >HD>System>Library>Core Services etc


On the HDD:  HD>Backups.backupdb>My iMac>HD>Users>my name>Pictures>Files & folders


My concerns are two-fold: make sure I have a redundant backup of pictures and documents, and have the TM/HD/HDD process set up for best use. Are there some issues in this setup I should modify? Thanks for any help,


iPad 2, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)