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Hey guys,


I am almost certain I have a keylogger on my Mac OS X.  I believe I downloaded it some point while downloading music, movies, various files, etc.  What makes me believe I have a keylogger is the fact that many of my web accounts passwords are being changed.  All the passwords were unique, many associated with different emails and password recovery measures.  Furthermore, I added security measures on an account yesterday that required a user to correctly answer 5 recovery questions before accessing the account via a different IP address or computer.  This account proved to be hacked into after these security measures were added.  I am the sole owned of the machine and administrative installation of a keylogger is not a possiblity.  Can anyone help me with what I should be checking my activity monitor for, or further measures of finding and deleting this likely keylogger?


Thank you very much.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Download EtreCheck from http://www.etresoft.com/etrecheck, run it, and paste the results here. It will report any background processes. It will not report if any of the various sharing services are turned on. You will have to check that manually.


    Disclaimer: Although EtreCheck is free, there are other links on my site that could give me some form of compensation, financial or otherwise.

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    The only way you can be sure you don't have a keylogger is to erase the startup volume, reinstall OS X, restore only your documents from a backup, and then reinstall your third-party software from fresh downloads or original media.

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    There are several keyloggers for mac, but the only one I've seen personally is ABK.


    Open up Activity monitor and type ABK in the filter bar - make sure the drop down menu says 'All Processes'. If you find it, I believe the app hides as an invisible file here:




    Of course, there are other keyloggers around, so not finding it only tells you that you don't have this one.

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    Do you know how to remove it? So last time my friend borrowed my laptop and I thought she just needed it for research or something but apparently she downloaded the Aebo Keylogger into my laptop so she probably can see what I'm typing right now, but well, I really need help! The current software that's running on my laptop is OS X Yosemite, can any of you help remove it? I've been searching how to remove the software everywhere and I cannot find the solution, please help!