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Time machine won't start.

MacBook Air, iOS 5.1.1
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    Uh, what do you mean?


    Is it set up?


    How are you trying to "start" it?  What happens (or doesn't happen) when you do that?


    Remember, we can't see over your shoulder . . . would a screenshot help?  If so, please post one.


    And, while we're at it, what version of OSX are you running, and what are you backing-up to?  See #A9 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting for some of the info we need to help you.

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    Hey P, Ok this is what happens, to me any how, I just added 3 Internal HDs,  for back ups and more room, Partitioned and Formatted. Then Hooked up Extertnal to do the same thing, and was kinda busy when TM came on asking me stuff, I didt even read (I know , stupid) I tell my twin boys not to do that too much. Anyway, I closed it, thinking I will deal with that when I am done with Partition/Format. When I was done, Time Machine wont open?

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    Uh, are you the same as Gillian Thornbush, using a different account?


    If not, please answer the questions I asked above -- I really don't know what you mean.  In addition, what kind of Mac do you have?  How much data is on all those drives, and do you want it all backed-up?  How large is the external?  And what won't open?

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    Sorry about that. , now it just started up, and its doing its thing.  first time using, and only thing I didnt read up on before doing all this. Did clone, now just my bootable fash drives, for Lion and Mountaian Lion, and Done. Thanx