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I am in the midst of changing servers- Wirless internet- previous ok,except kept blowing away on windy days - this one can not keep the speed up.  The tech dude thinks something up with my desk top - since the pad can stream youtube a bit faster. All techs are PC so they actually are clueless.

The tech says something is putlling a lot of gigs, everytime he 'checks' in-surges basically of use.

Could it be the checking for updates?

I have a 2.7 ghz intel core 15, 4gb 13333mhz ddr3, Just added a airport extreme (used to use the computer as the base station) I ran a wifi diagnostic and it just looks like a bunch of #'s and words-- Don't know what to look for.


I really think it is the server- It drops to almost nothing in the evening and early AM and creeps up to  DL1.30ish mbpl and  UL .34-- My average with other was 1.50ish and .51-- If the wind was not blowing. 


In the country in west Texas, so my choices of wireless are limited.  And NO it is not hughes.


How do I eliminate my computer being the problem?


The wifi is hooked to the airport extreme- and it wifis to the desktop. and rest of house. We can' surf on the computer and the ipad's at the same time.

Apple TV downloads Youtube much slower than the Ipad- I was running them to gether to 'test'.


I can give configures if needed.


THX-- May have to break contract.....

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)