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    Please READ the article from which the question was posted.

    There is no "remote button" in iTunes.

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    I can't find it either, and despite what Diesel vdub unhelpfully says, the button is supposed to be there per the article. Did yo ever find it?

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    The article clearly states :

    3) Open iTunes on your computer and click the remote button.."

    So, smart guy, where is it?

  • diesel vdub Level 7 (21,995 points)

    Nothing in the documentation says anything about a "remote button".


    In fact, the step quoted above does not exist in the article.


    Again, READ the article and follow the steps explicitly.  Do not read between the lines.

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    I am reading the article in iTunes Help entitled "Use the remote app to control your iTunes library".

    Under the subheading "Pair remote with an iTunes Library", point 3) is exactly as I quoted it.

    I am running iTunes 11.04 (4), OSX 10.7.5

    So, to what article are you referring? I "READ" rather well, as I suspect does pepperc. I would appreciate any actual assistance.

  • diesel vdub Level 7 (21,995 points)

    My statement is explicit.

    Read the article from which the question was posted, in other words, the article linked to at the top of this thread.

    Link also here:


    If you are having issues with iTunes on a Mac, why are you posting in the iTunes for Windows forum?

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    The instructions you are attempting to follow will not work with an Android device which per your other thread is what you're trying to use. The remote app referred to in the instructions is an iOS app only, so instructions for it will not apply to your Android phone.



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    Didn't know I was in the windiws forum- I got here from my Mac's help menu. We are looking at different sources;

    the article I was quoting is in the MAc iTunes help menu, and reads exactly as I quoted it. I suspect that the reason my Samsung doesn't work here is that the app is router specific, rather than tied to my laptop. I.e., to work

    here I need to purchase the app again, this time for our second home's router. I know, a real 1st world problem!

    Thanks for your efforts.

  • diesel vdub Level 7 (21,995 points)

    The article you refernce is written for the Remote app available via iTunes for use on iOS devices.

    It has nothing to do with a router or non-iOS device.

    Try reading the documentation for the device that is being used and any apps being used.

    This has nothing to do with Apple beyond turning on Home Sharing in iTunes.

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    Greetings tc414, I experienced the exact same problem as you and was able to find a solution. You are not crazy, the docs are there like you said directly from "apple help" when looking for "remote". Clearly visible to anyone who actually cared to take the 20 seconds required to look. And yes you can connect with an android device fairly easily, most of the time.

    In my case I had 5 devices paired with itunes which is the limit so the itunes button did not display at all. to clear this I went to "preferences" "devices" and there should be an option to "forget all remotes". It would of course be nice if you could manage these individually but hey it's itunes and thats how it is. Anyway click that and restart itunes. When I did this my remote button magically showed up again and I had no problem pairing my GS3 running the paid version of "remote for itunes" for android. By the way I also pair my ipod and as far as instructions go they are the same for either device. Remote for itunes an android is quicker though.

    Good luck and I hope this works for you!


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    For those people who have found Sirjoozys response to be the only helpful one in this thread, I would like to add that he is right there is in fact a remote button it shows up next to the iTunes store button when your preferred remote app and iTunes see each other. For many the reason it doesn't show up in most likely due to your firewall blocking the connection. I hope this will point others that come to view this article in the future in the right direction. I am using an app called Remote for iTunes Pro free with my Galaxy Note 2 on a Window running iTunes

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    I had similar difficulties.  While most people replying to this assumed that the poster was blind or not following instructions; the fact is that Apple software, and iTunes in particular are NOT intuitive as widely pronounced.  Perhaps it once was.  One poster on another similar thread recommended shutting down iTunes, and the stopping and restarting Bonjour services on my PC.  I did, and was then finally able to find my way to the place where I could enter the 4 digit code.  It appeared when my iPhone appeared in the left column list.  At that point I clicked on my iPhone device, and found the place in there.

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    I had this problem. Here's what I did:


    1. Check network allows sharing (which it did)

    2. Make sure latest iTunes update is installed (currently 11.1.3)

    3. Turned router off. Waited 20seconds and rebooted router

    4. Opened iTunes

    5. Edit-->preference-->sharing and tick "share my entire library"

    6. Turned on homesharing

    7. Opened Remote app on my iPhone

    8. Remote appeared as an app in the same box as my iPhone on iTunes screen (see below)




    I can't help you further than that I'm afraid

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    Click on preferences > devices > forget devices


    then restart itunes. then repeat the instructions on the app. the button should appear near the top right hand corner next to itunes store. that should work.


    if it doesn't, and you have the same problem i had, an error message will appear before it opens itunes that says something along the lines of "the Bonjour application is disbaled" and then it gives you instructions on how to fix it.

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