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    So if I make my MUD folder hidden, spotlight won't display the contents of my outlook data when searching via spothlink and yet within my outlook the search function will continue to work?


    Is this because spolight doesn't index hidden folders or it does index hidden folders but will not display hidden contents on spotlight search ?

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8 (42,355 points)

    homli wrote:


    Same problem here.  It appears Spotlight may be looking for messages in, even when Microsoft Outlook is set as the default email reader.

    You also have an Exchange account ?

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    The folder will be hidden in the Finder, but still there and therefore still indexable.

    This is basically how the Finder treats the ~/Library folder (the one in the user account) since Lion.



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    When you launch Outlook pressing the Option key down, do you see the identity listed and is it with a size that makes sense for a full identity?

    You can try the Repair option from there, but as far as I know, there is no reason why 10.8.4 would break Outlook or the identity.



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    If this was is the case, then why did outlook search stop working when the MUD folder was in the ~/Library/preferences folder which was done for the reason of having the outlook contents not show up in spotlight search but for outlook search function to contiue to work.


    Did 10.8.4 just block indexing to ~/Library for outlook MUD folder but any other hidden folder/files outside the ~/Library folder will continue to work for outlook MUD ?  Is this something you've tested on 10.8.4 found to work?


    Thanks again.

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    It's unrelated. ~/Library/preferences is automatically disabled for spotlight indexing per Apple policies as I previously mentioned (linkin back tot he old Apple publication on that topic).

    I'm surprised it even worked before. That probably was a bug that was corrected in 10.8.4.




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    As previously mentioned I've always had MUD in ~/Documents.

    To answer your question "do you see the identity listed and is it with a size that makes sense for a full identity?"

    Yesterday I tried

    1. Re-index Spotlight via Preferences by moving my entire drive into Privacy and then removed it.  It appeared the the full re-index didn't kick off b/c the Spotlight drop-down from the menu bar would only show indexing for ~1min but search via Outlook and via Spotlight menu bar drop-down was still unsuccessful.

    2. Launched Outlook with Option key and ran a Rebuild on my identity.  Search still didn't work.

    3. Did step 1 again (re-index via Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy tab) and again it ran for only 1min and still no search results for Outlook

    4. Deleted ALL old Office 2011 Identities EXCEPT the new one that was just created on the rebuild in step 2.

    5. Ran "sudo mdutil -E /" from terminal to force a full spotlight re-index and that seemed run for 2-3hours.  But search in Outlook or Spotlight menu drop-down still yields no results.


    I've included a screenshot of my remaining/current identity.  It doesn't show a size.

    Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 8.07.15 PM.png

    But the directory size is 4.7GB which sounds about right.

    shkirby-mac:Office 2011 Identities shkirby$ du -sk Main\ Identity/

    4737640    Main Identity/


    Any ideas what else to try?



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    I've performed your suggestion by flagging my MUD folder under my documents to be hidden.  When I search in spotlight it continues to reveal outlook contents.  Were you able to succesfully hide the outlook contents within a spotlight search by using your suggestion of flagging the MUD folder hidden?


    This did not work for me, unless there are more steps I need to peform?  I verified that the MUD folder is hidden within in  my documents folder.


    Please advice.  Thanks.

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    If you use mdimport -L do you see the Outlook mdimporter listed in the list you get in the Terminal?



  • Cortig Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't understand… Are you trying to not have Outlook content in Spotlight?

    That's a very different problem.

    You can do that by disabling Message indexing in the Spotlight prefenreces for instance. You also had that when your MUD folder was in the Preference folder. Either way will also prevent performing searches for your messages in Outlook itself since its searches are entirely based on Spotlight.



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    Hi all,


    I am still experiencing my original problem: not able to search within Outlook.


    After 10.8.4 and reading this discussion, i moved MUD back into Documents. Spotlight now works beautifully outside (though the number of results it reveals in messages are constraining me)


    However, Spotlight within Outlook continuing to show "No results". I've waited nearly 2+ weeks (re-indexed once, multiple reboots), but no cigar.


    Does anyone have any ideas?


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    It appears to be in the list as part of the application package....


    shkirby-mac:folders shkirby$ mdimport -L

    2013-06-26 20:10:16.709 mdimport[13317:707] Paths: id(501) (



        "/Library/Spotlight/Microsoft Office.mdimporter",






















        "/Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Microsoft Outlook.mdimporter",

        "/Applications/ porter",

        "/Applications/ importer",

        "/Applications/ r.mdimporter"



    Does it appear anything is wrong or missing?



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    Correct, prior to 10.8.4 , moving the MUD folder to ~/Library/Prefrences allows searching within outlook but does not show outlook contents when doing a search within spotlight. 


    However, it seems that in 10.8.4 it no longer works this way.


    So bottom line is, I want outlook search to continue to work but I do no want outlook contents to show up when doing a spotlight search.  This working fine before updating to 10.8.4


    I am aware that outlook uses the spotlight engine so the workaround was to move the MUD folder to ~/Library/Preferences , which produced the results that I was after.  

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    Last steps says...

    If you find that you still cannot search in Spotlight after you complete these steps, and you have allowed for enough time for Spotlight Indexing to be completed, you may have to uninstall Office 2011 and reinstall it. For more information about how to do this, view the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    2398768 How to completely remove Office for Mac 2011


    So I followed

    And saved my MUD to the desktop.


    Then reinstalled MS Office 2011, applied all of the auto-updates to current version 14.3.5.

    Then instead of reusing my MUD/Identifiy, I just manually reconfigured my Exchange account and allowed my email to sync over several hours.  I also had to manually reconfigure some things like signatures, fonts, etc.  

    Restoring the MUD folder may have worked but I didn't want to risk it.


    My Outlook for Mac 2011 14.3.5 is NOW working with OSX 10.8.4.  Yipee. Thanks to all who provided tips.

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    correction -> My Outlook for Mac 2011 (MS Office version 14.3.5) SEARCH FEATURE is NOW working (both from within Outlook and from the Spotlight drop down on the menu bar) with OSX 10.8.4.  Yipee. Thanks to all who provided tips.