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I'm getting the dredded iCloud storage full message.  It is due to the large numbers of photos i have on my iphone.  So my question is where do I delete them, from my camera roll or my photo stream because basically they both have the same pictures.  I opened my MBP and have confirmed that all the pictures are in fact in the photostream on iPhoto.  So if i delete all the pictures on the phone will they stay saved on my MBP or will those disapear as well.  Basiocally I just want to remove all the pictures from my phone but save them all on my MBP in order to free up space in iCloud.


thanks in advance for the help.

iPhone 5
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    I think you're getting icloud storage mixed up with device storage.


    If you have a lot of photos on the device, that has nothing to do with storage full messages regarding icloud.  Also, photo stream is not part of the icloud storage limit.


    My guess is it's your device that is running low of storage, not icloud.  But...


    Go to


    Settings>General>Usage.  This tells how much storage is used on both iCloud and on the device.


    Regarding photos - once they are synced to a computer via photo stream, move them out of the computer's photo stream folder and into some other album for storage.  Once done, you can delete photos from the camera roll on the device.