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I'm finding spotty information on hw and sw reqs, and not much on the Apple site. To comply with certain federal regulations, I need to get a list of system requirements for our supported browsers, one of which is Safari 6.0.x. This is what I have so far, and I'm not confident that these entries are correct/complete.


HW: Safari 6.0.5 - Intel x64 processor, 256 MB


Safari 6.0 - OS X v10.7.4, OS X Server v10.7.4

Safari 6.0.1 - OS X v10.7.5, OS X Server v10.7.5, OS X v10.8 and v10.8.1

Safari 6.0.5 - OS X v10.8.3 or later


Any ideas on how I can get that info? (I realize that at least some versions of Safari 6 are available only through Software Update, but that's not my concern here.)