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I have an iPad 2, and a Windows computer. I would like to use PhotoStream to make the pictures that are now on my windows Vista computer available on the iPad. I have made a photostream and added some pictures to it. Then I tried to add more, by choosing add pictures to photostream. I selected 31 pictures and clicked ready. It takes some time, and then the pictures are NOT available on the photostream! What is going wrong?

(I can not even see them in the photostream on my Windows Vista computer!)


The pictures are made with an Olympus MJU 740 digital camera, partly before I bought the iPad, and partly on the last holiday. I don't like to take the iPad with me on every trip, but I use it as a convenient photo frame to show my pictures to my friends, (and also for other things)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1, Logilink USB server uw 0079