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I've been searching for hours on this issue and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have an ipad 4, iphone 5 and a PC which I can go to icloud.com on. If I make a change or add an event on my ipad it is not syncing to the icloud.  How do I fix this?  If I make a change on my iphone it will sync with everything, if I make a change at icloud.com it will sync.  This is only the calendar that is having the issue.  I can make changes on notes and everything works.  I have tried deleting my icloud account from my ipad and then add it again.  I've done hard shut offs.  I've turned the calendar button to off, done a hard shut off, turned everything back on and nothing is working.  Please help.  I make calendar additions/changes on my ipad all of the time and need them to sync.



iPad, iOS 6.0.1