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Cannot get MacBook Air to turn on wireless. It will only let me turn on when going through network diagnostics but then cannot find any networks to join. It just says searching and will go on indefinietly until I stop it. I did check my network which was fine. Have restarted several times.

MacBook Air
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    Making new locations

    Instead of just using the "Automatic" location, you can also create different "locations" in which different ports are active. A "Mobile" location could make only your AirPort connection active, and a "Desk" location could make only your Ethernet port active.

    Follow these steps to make a new location:

    1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple () menu.
    2. Choose Network from the View menu.
    3. Choose Edit Locations... from the Location menu.
    4. Click the + icon to add a new location. 
    5. Type a name for your new location, such as Mobile, then click Done. The name of your new location appears in the Location menu. Any changes you make to the Network pane now apply to this location. The previous location ("Automatic" by default) will remain as you left it.
    6. If you want to disable a specific network port for this location, highlight the port, then click the Action Gear. Then, select "Make Service Inactive." Repeat this step for each port you want to disable in the new location.
    7. Select the port(s) you want to configure in the new location, and set them up as desired. Each port is set up as its own Internet or network connection. If you need any help setting up for the Internet, see these articles:
    8. When finished, click Apply Now.
    9. Close the System Preferences window.