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Okay, so here's the deal:


While messing around with my new iMac, I stumbled upon a system preferences called "Dictation & Speech".

Now, curious to what this was, I turned it on, and suddenly my computer was talking to me, warning me when I was going to close something, or when Skype needed my attention.


Seeing as I am a huge Iron Man fangirl I instantly related the program to Tony Stark's Jarvis system.

This made me want to further look into the "Dictation & Speech".


Now I looked up a few youtube vids, and forms, and noticed that on previous macs there was a setting that was called "Speech", which allowed you to type in a word (which your computer would listen for), speak the word along with a question, or a statement, and not only would the computer respond it would also do what it was asked of it.


Now this was better than "Dictation & Speech", for me being a fangirl, I was going to make the 'call word' "Jarvis", and say something like, "Jarvis, what time is it?" just so I could feel like Tony Stark for a brief moment.


Now this is where the problem came in; there is no such thing as just "Speech" on my computer (iMac), for where it was on other macs, it was replaced by "Dictation & Speech".


This made me very sad.


I tried searching for "Speech", or any other voice recognition software on my mac (that would allow me to speak to my mac and ask it things, like "Speech") but I can't find anything?


My question is; Is there a voice recognition software like "Speech" on the new iMacs?

If not, is there a application in the Apple Store, or online, that will work on my iMac and provide the same speakable feature I want?


Remember, I am looking for a software that will work something like this: http://youtu.be/wUglmoKGyP0


Thanks for taking the time to read my long winded question of sad fandomness, and I hope that I shall get an answer to my question soon!


~ Sky

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)