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I have a photo and a text box in which I am typing a caption. The text box is the perfect height for a row of 12 pt. text (according to Numbers), 0.23 in. The text box looks fine if it isn't next to the photo,

but as soon as it hits the bottom of the photo, this happens:


Seriously, ***. Apparently the text box keeps moving up towards the photo, but once it gets to a certain point, the text inside decides, "nah, I'm not getting any closer," and just keeps its distance.


This is really annoying. How hard can it be to get a text box aligned below a photo? Anyone know how to fix this?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Never mind, I figured out how to fix it. To anyone else with the same confusion:


    When you are arranging the text box and the photo, both objects will be in floating mode. Go ahead and make the text box 0.23 in. high, even if the text gets obscured away.


    Then position the text box and photo together (taking note of alignment guides), and then select both objects and Arrange>Group.


    Now you can change the entire picture-and-caption module into inline mode, and suddenly the caption text reappears. Note that in inline mode you cannot ungroup the two objects (go back to floating mode for that).


    Sorry if my obsession for details makes this seem like an extremely odd post, but I'm sure there's someone else out there.

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    There is an easier way.


    Select the photo, here represented by the green square.

    Click the Wrap control in the format bar (indicated by red oval).

    Choose the last item in the menu that appears.

    Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 10.58.06 PM.png

    This turns off the Text wrap property for the object (photo), allowing the text box to snuggle up against the photo/object without pushing the text away.

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    Ah, fantastic! Yeah, pretty much immediately after I posted my own response, I started to see the consequences of only being able to use the picture inline.