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    The screen passed the image retention test, so all is good there even with an LG screen. Any luck on figuring out what caused the crash from the system specs I posted? I'm going to take them down soon for security.


    Thanks for all your help.


    Also, to clarify, I never install software that duplicates the function of the OS and factory apps. I've actually been very modest on the configuration and 3rd party apps compared to most I've seen. And since these are so processor-light, I don't see why this would happen.

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    Can a moderator please remove the post at

    Jun 7, 2013 8:00 AM


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    I have a latest generation 15" Retina macbook pro and I can attest that your computer is NOT a lemon.


    10.8.3 was the most stable operating system I have ever used. I updated to 10.8.4 and the computer began freezing at random intervals throughout the day several times a day. It would happen when I plugged/unplugged HDMI, Thunderbolt, and usb. Even when all 3 were unplugged and I was only using safari, it just would randomly happen.


    I thought perhaps I needed to reformat. so I backed everything up, booted to the recovery center, and completely reformatted the computer. It downloaded 10.8.3 from Apple to do the reinstall, and I set it up as a new computer to test. I updated to 10.8.4, and that same day, even with a new OS, it started the freezing again for no apparent reason.


    I have since restored a time machine backup of my 10.8.3 from earlier last week and it is working FLAWLESSLY with all peripherals and has yet to freeze once. I'm not sure why, but 10.8.4 is a MAJOR downgrade for certain Retina Macbook pros as it appears to take them from full stability to barely even usable.


    Recommendation: Reformat and put 10.8.3 on: see if you're still having issues because my guess is that you'll be surprised.

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    If you want the post removed, click the "Report post" link and give a small description of the reason for it. Hopefully this feature works properly for you (for me it always lands me on the "Discussions Away" message, so it does not seem to be working).

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    It could be that third party software has not kept up with the many underlying changes made in 10.8.4.  A good example is with Flash, which is now on version 11.7.700.203. Previous versions are notoriously buggy.

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    Sorry, but I do not have a "Report post" link.

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    You need to be a level 2 to get the "report this post" button. However, I see no post with a date of "Jun 7, 2013 8:00 AM" so what would anyone remove?

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    Actually your level or anything else has no bearing on this. You never have the option of reporting a post you made.


    So you'll never see a 'report your post link on any post or thread you originate.

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