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I decided to create an iCloud backup of my phone & pad.    Both devices are plugged into my iMac, and both can use the Wi-Fi that my iMac is connected to.


The first thing I did was go into iTunes, click on the iCloud button and press "Back Up Now".   Both cases repeatedly backed up to my computer, even after rebooting.


Then I went into my iPhone, set it to back up to iCloud and repeatedly tried backing up, without it ever getting past the calculating stage.


Then I went to my iPad and tried the same thing.   It asked me for my AppleID, which I entered, but it didn't accept.   I switched to my iCloud password, and that worked.   It started backing up.   After a while it failed, and trying again had the back up work.   I turned off iCloud Backup and checked in iTunes and saw the iCloud backup listed.


I never got a logon prompt with my iPhone, which is currently set to back up to the cloud.   I don't want to leave it that way, as I don't want it starting sometime when I'm not in wi-fi range (my data plan is limited).


All of my software is up-to-date.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1, IOS 6