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Help! My Safari v5.1.9 browser is S L O W to open web pages or download. I have a Mac OS X v10.6.8 and I have run disk doc and iAntivirus but both come out negative. A few months back I had difficulty running any ytube but I re-enabled java and that seemed to work well until it did not.... I have downloaded FoxFire and am able to watch ytube on that browser quite well but would prefer to fix Safari.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Sounds like you need a local PC/Mac tech to backup your files and erase and install the operating system, plus perhaps a new drive and max out the RAM.


    So much you said in your post is so wrong, with mispellings etc., that I'm thinking your pretty young and need someone to do all this complicated computer work for you.


    We can only asssist those who can assist themselves and I don't think your quite learned enough yet and likely will get yourself into deep trouble as a result.


    So this time have a professional help you to get your machine fast again and later you can learn how to do it yourself.



    Good Luck

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    You do have 10.6.8, don't you? (your profile says 10.6.7).  Have you updated via the Combo updater and followed up with the software update?   Do you have a lot of active programs running in the background?

    You shouldn't need Java which Apple are trying to do away with, or an anti virus, for that matter.   I don't watch YTube so I don't know if its essential but if it isn't disable Java.   What anti virus are you running.

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    I think you are off the mark here. And rude. I am a 51 year old well educated person who has owned only Macs since my mid 20s. Some of what you've said echoes my fears... Maybe I need to reload Safari. But otherwise keep those condescending remarks to yourself thank you.

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    I do have a 10.6.8. I ran iAntivirus which I downloaded from the Apple App store just to see if that could be the issue. Prehaps a better anti virus? Anyway, I have considered the Combo updater but have hesitated until I can understand the issue better. It seems my computer must be Ok if I can browse on Firefox without issue.... My computer also runs better when I restart it, or turn it on after shutting it down. But as the day goes on it seems to get slower.

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    I really can't see how you can construe my reply as rude; it was never meant as anything other than enquiring and helpful.   But if that is your understanding, I am sorry, and I am also out.

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    Yes.  Having reviewed the thread, I see now that you were not referring to my contribution.   So I am back in if it is helpful.

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    My apologies.


    Joni2b wrote:


    My computer also runs better when I restart it, or turn it on after shutting it down. But as the day goes on it seems to get slower.


    This seesms to be a issue with your boot drive getting full.


    What happens when you reboot the machine is you clear out the Random Access Memory so it's free, but at you use the machine it runs out and then "swaps" memory space to the boot drive. Especially if you don't quit the programs running and only close all the windows instead.


    If the boot drive starts geting full it has a harder time trying to locate free spots to put the swap memory and the machine slows down as a result.


    You can read more how your computer works and how to keep it performing well here


    Why is my computer slow?



    You also can learn a lot here


    https://discussions.apple.com/community/notebooks/macbook_pro?view=documents#/?p er_page=50



    I think in your case to get things done faster, is to take the machine to a local PC/Mac service and discuss a Backup, Erase and Install of OS X 10.6 and all your programs.


    Some older Mac's the hard drive can be replaced with a SSD or a 7,200 RPM hard drive, but not on the 2010 and later models as Apple has installed proprietary software to work with the fans. Apple will have to do it.


    Also max your machines memory, and all three combined will make it seem like a brand new machine.


    If the machine is older than 5 years, I would say forget it and transfer to a new one instead.


    Good Luck.

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    I appreciate your response ds store. Thank you : )

    I am actually going on vacation Monday till the 23rd of June, so I wont be doing anything aggressive with my desk top till I get back.  But I will keep reading and studying including the links you've suggested.

    Thank you again and I will surely keep you updated!