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Hello Everyone! I recently purchased a 120 GB Ipod Classic off of Craigslist and I think I've been duped. When I returned home, I plugged the Ipod in and connected it to Itunes and reset the unit. I then proceeded to transfer my media (I left this overnight as I have close to 20,000 songs). I checked on it about an hour later and everything seem to be tranferring fine. I woke up this morning, my ipod still plugged into my computer but it wasn't recognized in Itunes. I unplugged it and none of my media transferred. I then tried to connect it to my computer and.... the Ipod shows the screen that it's connecting to my computer do not disconnect, then it flashes and resets. It repeats this loop over and over if I leave it connected.


I've disconnected it, held the middle select button down to reset it but still nothing. Any help is much appreciated.

iPod classic, Mac OS X (10.6.8)