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ok so Ive been with GB 2 years now and am still suffering from the random crackle noise that lasts about 10 seconds and pops up whenever it feels like it at any time and then can just as easily go again. Ive recorded some great songs and the crackle is not there on playback but now Ive done a mix down it decides to pop up on some of the mixes. If I hear it in the pre-mix it can come and go and is never in the same place twice but if it happens to be there in mixdown its there for good unless I do yet another remix to try and avoid it-which is reall tiresome. I do the usual things like quit GB then reopen...Ive even disconnected my Muadio fast trackinterface whilst mixing as someone suggested it may be the USB connection from that causing the noise but whatever I do NOTHING kills it.

I cant beleive this has happened to so many people and Apple havent sorted this yet.

PLease does anyone REALLY know how to eradicate this gremlin in GB??

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