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Long story short, I left my mac at home when I went on vacation and since I've been back whenever my brother is around me (we live together) and he is using his phone my cursor starts to jump all over the place. When I turn off my wifi it doesn't jump anymore. We both use the same wifi connection, but when my brother is asleep or not home my mouse doesn't jump around. I've turned off all bluetooth devices and reset the pram. Also, I have mobileme on my mac and I've never used it before but when I click on it, it says to set it up. I could of just got it when I updated my mac but I don't know. Could his iPhone possibly be screwing with my trackpad? I've asked a question before about my cursor jumping around and nothing seems to work, but I have noticed that when he isn't around it works fine, but when he is even outside on his phone my cursor starts jumping around. Also, could somone have put something to control my trackpad on my mac? Bluetooth is off and I've removed every device. Please help me! I'm going crazy haha

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)