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So after purchasing last year, it started as an intermittent problem, but now won't connect to wifi at all. Which kind of renders it useless for home sharing...the reason why I bought it in the first place. Anyone else experiencing this issue. Went to apple store today and have to book a Genius Bar appointment. There are www. Rumours of a replacement programme..if that was the case surely just a check of the serial no. Is needed. Not happy.

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    Hi JasonLeeRickels,


    The Genius in the Apple store can certainly check your Apple TV to make sure it is working properly.

    However, before you make that trip, try the Wi-Fi troubleshooting steps in the article below:


    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections


    I hope this information helps ....

    Have a great day!



    - Judy

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    I don't understand why people keep referring everyone to "troubleshooting guides". Hopefully, they have done that BEFORE asking questions!

    The problem you are experiencing is VERY common. I, myself, have been using ATVs for several years with no problem. Then, suddenly, it starts cutting out. My Airport Expresses also drop in and out. I assumed it was network interference or my Airport Extreme transmission power was going away. After many hour of troubleshooting it occurred to me that the AXpress started having issues AFTER a firmware update. Same was true for both of my ATVs.

    Something about the current firmware is not right and Apple doesn't seem to want to address it. I assume that it has to do with different OSs but I am not a Systems Analyst. (so, what do I know)

    The best advice I've gotten is to do the following:


    (keep in mind, I am using OS V.10.7.5 [Lion] you may see something different if you are using another OS)

    -Open "System Preferences)

    -Select "Network"

    -On the left you will see something called "Service Order"

    -At the bottom of this window are a "+", "-" and "Gear" symbol

    -Select the drop-down menu of the "gear" symbol

    -Select the "Set Service Order" menu selection

    -Follow the instructions to put "Wi-Fi" at the top of this list (dragging the items to where you want them on my OS)

    -Apply the changes ("Apply" button)

    -And, for good measure, restart your modem/router, base station, computer and ATV (as well as anything else        using your Wi-Fi network) This step is probably not necessary but it is a good idea!


    This suggestion/procedure was given to me by another on this forum and, so far, seems to be helping quite alot!

    I hope this works for you too!!



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    All sorted on a matter of minutes at the Genius Bar at another store. The first was busy that day. It was replaced as it fell within a batch of serial numbers with known hardware problems, there are also purchase timescale limitations though. The guy did this in a matter of minutes, in fact less time than i spent waiting to see him.  Implying that it wouldn't take a Genius to do this hence much grumbling from me about the first stores assistant. Problem solving is an iterative process, start with the obvious first. Enough said the new one works fine.

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    Hi JasonLeeRickels,


    I'm glad your issue has been resolved ...

    Thanks for letting us know.


    - Judy