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I have been activating digital copies of my Blu-Rays and while most appear in my library with a symbol next to them indicating they can be downloaded from the cloud, about four do not, though they are available from the iTunes store.  When I activated them they had transfered and downloaded right away, but I didn't want the 1GB+ files sitting on this computer, (I'm getting ready to buy a MacBook), so I deleted them out of my itunes folder.  They are now still listed in my Library, but instead of indicating that they can be redownloaded from the cloud, it simply has an exclamation point to the left of the file name telling me that it can't be found in it's previously known location.


How do I keep the movies as a part of my library without downloading them? I don't want to delete it from the list, I just want it to be listed like the others. (I have access but no currently downloaded).

Windows 7