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When I replace an old PC with a new PC, I always keep the old HDD around in case I need to boot into it for some reason. I simply plug it in, select it as the boot drive, and it's sort of like using my old PC again.


Can I also do this with my iMac's HDD and a new PC? So I could effectively dual boot between my existing Windows OS on my PC's SSD, and OSX using my old iMac's HDD?


When I do this with two HDDs each using Windows, all the drivers for the new hardware "plug-and-play" the first time I boot with the old HDD, so input and display works. I'm not sure if I'll have the same luxury in this scenario or if I'd need to pre-load new drivers so OSX works with the PC's hardware. My iMac has a AMD (well it was still ATI back in 2009) Radeon HD 4850. I had this same card in an old PC so I would hope the display would still work as well, or worst case scenario I could simultaneously use the iMac HDD with the Radeon 4850 in a PC.


I have a lot of computers sitting around and I'm moving soon, so I want to consolidate what I can so I don't have to take so much with me when I move. My iMac's display is no good (barely functional, definitely not pretty) so I don't want to keep the big iMac around anymore if I can just keep the little HDD.

Of course I back up important files and can always read the HDD from a PC, but I'm interested in seeing if I can still use the drive for booting into OSX.


I'm sure someone's tried to do this before, but my searches turned up with nothing. I'll greatly appreciate any guidance, suggestions, or general thoughts about how I could achieve this. I don't mind getting my hands dirty if a solution exists but isn't simple. Thanks in advance for your input!

iMac Quad-Core i5 (Late 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.7)