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I have never dropped my iphone and it's not water damaged. Today all of a sudden the microphone had stopped working on my calls, voice memos and Siri. It still works on speaker phone and when I put my headphones in! I really need help I don't want to have to buy a new one I only have it 6 months!!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Try restarting you iPhone by holding down the on/off and the home buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo.  If you are still having problems try putting your head phone jack in and out rapidly a few times.  If you purchased your iPhone 6 months ago it is still under warranty if you are in the US. 

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    This happened to me also.  iPhone 4s.  6.1.3.  Verizon.  Speakerphone stopped working during a phone call.  Speaker phone icon was lit.  Person on other side of call could listen in.  But no sound from speaker.  Music doesn't play.  Siri disappeared although she returned temporarily after I did a restore to new phone and then she went away again.  What I've tried without success.


    Verified settings

    Reset (soft and hard)

    Restore to backup

    Then full restore to new phone

    Headphone jack in/out 7 or 8 times trick

    Blow out headphone jack with compressed air

    Carefully cleaning headphone jack with a slightly less cottoned Q Tip

    Carefully examined dock port to see if there was debris

    Blowing out the dock port with compressed air

    Voodoo incantations

    Sacrificing a McDonald's chicken nugget to the Gods of hunger


    Nothing worked.  I've googled the problem and I see that there is a division in the tech nerds between hardware (speaker or dock problem) vs software (Apple screwed up one of the updates).  I'm suspecting a dock problem.  Phone out of warranty.  It's not a brick but it is certainly not as functional as it once was.  Any ideas?  dock? software? magic?  thx.

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    Agree with Eric.  If you are under warranty go to Apple and get a new phone.  NOT A REFURBISHED piece of crap phone either.  Apple is aware of the problem.  Don't settle for a refurbished one.  Insist on a new one.