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I went to put new music on my Ipod shuffle today and after I was done I did a sync and it said ok to disconnect. I went to play the music on my ipod and it flashes green and orange & won't play my music. I have looked up how to do a restore but everything it tells me to do won't work there is no restore/reset option anywhere on the newest update of Itunes. Under devices it comes up with my Ipod so I know it's recognizing it and it only gives me the option to sync or to transferr purchases. Can someone please help as this is really annoying and rely on my Ipod going to and from school on the train every day!

iPod shuffle, Windows 7
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    Hello MissMacabre,


    I think you are on the right track with wanting to do the restore. It also sounds like the iPod seems 'different' to the computer and that is why it is asking to transfer the purchases. Here is some more information about the transfer purchases function.

    iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iOS device or iPod to a computer



    I would recommend right clicking the iPod in iTunes and choosing backup, if you can, then transferring the purchases. You may have to setup what items sync to the iPod again.