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iCloud issue photophoto.jpg




The photo above is only the start of my current issues.


Bascially after moving my music from my Macbook HD to a seperate Wifi HD in my house iTunes can not "locate" my music. That is kind of a seperate issue, as I know how to put music back on to my computer from the Wifi HD. THe reason I moved it was that I was consuming 90% of my 320G memory.


Now I am getting this iCloud error message on almost every single iTunes song I have bought. That is thousands and thousands of pounds of music cant be played.


This iCloud problem is also effecting iMatch to my iPhone and iPad as well...!!!


Anyone have any ideas whats going on ????


Please help



Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    No one got any ideas?

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    First thing, CMD + Left_SHIFT + 3 will give you a nice screenshot.


    Coming to the point,


    1. Preferences

    2. Advanced

    3. iTunes media folder location - Reset it

    4. Now, add the library which is in the external drive

    5. File -> Library -> Organize library


    Please give it a try, and let us know if it is of any help.

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    It is all connected in the preferences, the link is fine.


    Not working though.

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    iMatch appears to be working fine from my iPhone...!

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    What worked for me when mt iTunes "lost" the path to my files after trying all the suggestions from the forums I just deleted all the files in the iTunes folder, restarted, copied them back over from a thumb drive. When that didn't work I deleted all the files from within the iTunes itself. Restarted and iTunes acted like it was new and being setup for the first time. It asked me to search the system for music. That's what worked for me, the exclamation points all went away and I could listen to my music again.


    Thanks Dom

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    HI THanks for this helpful post. I will try this. I have 2 iPods. One is 3rd Gen. I love the little small square, so I bought it on ebay. Then I got a little iPod nano ( again a tiny square shape)

    So I tried to sync them today and update them.

    This is the response I got.

      I get a message that the original file cannot be found and asks if I want to try and locate file.  I locate the file and it's empty?!

    This freaked me out because I have all this music I love. The only thumb drive is my back up drive which is not a thumb. Will the back up drive have my music files too?

    Thanks-Peace Out