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    This seems to only affect certain devices, both my iPad and iPhone have no issues connecting and auto connecting to any WiFi.  So, while there are a number of users having this issue, it really is not universal.


    As a last resort, backup your iPhone, then go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings, and then restore from the backup.


    If that does not clear up the problem, visit an Apple store genius bar and have the techs test the iPhone.


    Note: there have been posts on here by users who have tried things like placing the device in the freezer, heating it with a hairdryer, placing it in the sun, and so on.  Those things are really, really dangerous to the device.  Any damage you do will void your warranty so please don't take anyone's advice to try those approaches.  All devices have a very restricted temperature range for both operation and storage, messing around with that can cause physical damage.

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    I tried everything several times, but not the really crazy sounding stuff, e.g. heating up with hair dryer or putting in the freezer.  Desperate, I tried the freezer thing--AND IT WORKED, for now.  So wierd. 


    I will note, though, that the customer dis-service that I saw in this chat concerned me.  I have been so used to good and generous service from Apple.  Is service not a legacy of Steve Jobs?

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    This worked for me. I'm a Network Admin, one of my co-workers wifi quit immediately after upgrading to IOS 7. I tried a few things which didn't work. I stopped by the Apple Store in Cool Springs, TN. and tried to explain the situation to an arrogant ***** that told me the hardware (wifi antenna) failed and it was a coincidence that it occurred after the upgrade. I told him there were several reports of this on the Net. He told me you can find anything on the Net. He said it's like looking for sick people in the hospital, put in the right search phrase and you'll find what you're looking for. What a jerk. Thanks for posting a fix for this issue.

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    I think it's pretty poor that Apple release an update and tell you your phone is compatable. You update it and it screws the phone up.


    Surely the update is the problem and Apple should be responsible whether it's in warranty or not. The problem is they release these updates for all the new phones without testing properly what the effects are on the older ones and then BANG errors everywhere.


    I think it's scandalous that they make you pay for applecare so you can swap your phone. pretty shocking TBF.


    I might also add i bought my iphone 5 last year in Novemeber. The warranty runs out shortly and already I am experiencing problems with ISO7. I paid £700 for my 64gb and if this update has sscrewed my phone up i'll be dam sure if I am going to accept it and just lose £700.


    My signal for my carrier completely stopped working and just kept searching for nothing. I had to restore the phone 4-5 times and it kept saying it was possible to restore. In the end I gave up for the night and when I looked at my phone the carrier signal had come back on randomly. I have already been told my Orange (EE) this has been happening alot. I love Apple products but quite frankly they have to be held accountable for screwing peoples devices up.

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    Hi guys, I had the same issue of wifi. And you guys helped a lot. I tried every technique for almost 3 days. I reset the network settings, reset phone settings and reset phone settings with erasing all the data/media. It didn't work. I put my phone in freezer twice for almost 20 minutes. It worked for 10 minutes and again got greyed out and searching. I was completely exhausted and fed-up. Finally today I went to a phone repair shop, told him about the issue, and he was like "No problem, your phone will be okay after 20 mins" as if he already knew, and he did. Because later I spoke to him and he said this is a hardware problem by Apple itself when iPhone 4S products were manufactured in China. Well, he took a reasonable price for repair. And now my iPhone's wifi is working fine. He changed the chip. So, say NO to all these techniques and go for a repair.


    Seriously, I was an Apple lover from their first product. And I have been using Apple products since then. But sorry Apple, you lacked. Very bad experience for the first time. If it was an issue with few peeps, but all over the globe 150k people are facing the same problem. Good bye apple. Switching to Android. I hope next time when Apple would want to manufacture their products, they should certainly keep in mind each and everything, hope so but still unhappy with Apple. Exhausted user here. I will never use an iPhone now.

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    I Have the same problem.. But you should try this one.. It's working for my 4s..

    try to make your phone run out of battery.. When it's turned off permanently, connect to charger and wait for it to turn on itself..

    then open control center to see the wifi.. Then try the wifi to connect network.

    dont use hairdryer or freezer.. It will cause damage to your phone's hardware..

    it's not your hardware has problem, it's just because lacking from ios 7 and make the wifi not available..

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