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I've just updated to 3.4.5 an coincidentally used fullscreen for the first time so I'm not certain which action has caused this.


After exiting fullscreen, my Projects(and thumnails in the browser) no longer display in a grid but as a single row that dissapears off the right side of the scrren and cannot be scrolled.

Additionall the thumnail size slider and other controls that should be in the bottom right have dissapeared


Fullscreen still works fine both in projects view and browser.


I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar behavior or can point me in the right direction.


Things trie so far:

Check other libraries (all the same)

Repair Library (no difference)

Rebuild Library (No Difference)

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    This may be a problem of an unreadable Aperture preferences file:


    Try the following:


    Remove the Aperture's user preferences from the User Library as described here:

    Aperture 3: Troubleshooting Basics




    Your User Library is hidden by default in 10.7.5 - to open it in a Finder window use the "Go" menu from the Finder's main menu bar.

    • Quit Aperture, if it is running. Log off and on again.
    • Open the user library by using the Finder's "Go > Go to Folder" menu and hold down the options-key, until "Library" appears in the drop down menu. Select it.
    • In the widow that will open, scroll down to "Preferences"
    • From the "Preferences" folder  remove "com.apple.Aperture.plist".

    Then try to launch Aperture again.


    But deleting the "Preferences" file will cause Aperture to forget the preferences settings. Be prepared to have to reset all options you set using the Aperture Preferences panel.




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    Thank you Léonie.


    All is well with the world once more


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    Léonie, thank you very much for your answer.


    I´ve just had the same issue and tried everything (uninstalling Aperture, rebuild library, repair permissions, ...) without results.


    Now everything is back



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    You are welcome!