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When I load Windows 8 and Bootcamp assistant 4 it on my Macbook Pro it works OK for a while, but Windows sends a message that it is incompatible and disables my trackpad-(no right click), screen dimmer, keyboard dimmer. Gotta have the trackpad! Bootcamp assistant 5 only works with 64 bit Windows. I can't use 64 bit because of incompatible Software with 64 bit Windows.  This irreplaceable, older Software, along with a considerable investment in other Windows Sotware is the only reason I have to use BootCamp at all.  This is clearly because Apple has decided that Assistant 5 is only for 64 bit? Why? So it seems I have no other choice but to go back to Win7. or buy a PC Laptop, an expensive, backwards step.

MacBook Pro, Windows 8, BootCamp Assistant 4
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    I;m curious as to what programs you have that will run in Windows 7 32 bit but not in Windows 8 64 bit.


    In my experience 64 bit Windows 7 or 8 run 32 bit programs just fine.

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    Just like Bob, I'm curious as well.

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    The software is 16 bit and was leading edge in it's day, designed to run on Windows 95!  Newer Windows and Mac Programs of this type are loaded with bells and whistles that I don't need, just add a lot of clutter and aren't nearly as effective or easy to use. It was written in assembler and it is fast, sleek, (150K), an intuitiive GUI, and has a great search engine which does instantaneous boolean searches. It is beautiful, with an elegant interface. A program that does just what it was designed to do, a work of programming art created by a man named Parsons who was an accountant.  This one program is a big reason that I run Windows.  When I loaded it into Widows 8, a window pops up describing it as 16 bit software and asks me if I want to enable 16 bit Compatibility. It is amazing that it still works and works as well or better, (faster CPU's), than it did in Windows 2K. Nothing lasts forever, and I'm gpoing to have to move on eventually.  I really have not found a suitable replacement for it, but I'm still looking.  Also I use Office, AutoCad and Adobe Creative Suite which would cost me a bundle to replace, even with older Mac versions. I am out of work, and I can't afford much anymore. My brother-in-law sold me Win 8 Pro for $50. I use the Mac side as much as I can, using Fusion running XP with Office 2003.  I might just ditch Boot Camp altogether.  Too many O/S's and data sources, I'm trying to consolidate all my files into the Cloud.


    I solved my problem above with Windows 8 Pro, otherwise I was going to velcro a mini-trackball alongside the trackpad. The problem was with Boot Camp Manager. All the other drivers work just fine. In Task Manager - Startup - it seems I had two copies of Boot Camp Manager installed, which Windows didn't like at all and would shut it down. I disabled both copies, rebooted and only one copy is reported.  Re-enabled it and rebooted again. Though Windows warned that Bootcamp 4 was incompatible, I inored the messages and now everything works perfectly, no more warning messages either?.  Bootcamp Assistant 4 is not recommended or supported for Windows 8, but it works just fine. I have it configured to run everything from the desktop, bypassing the Start Screen altogether.  My win 8 boots up in 10 seconds, (SSD), and shuts down almost instantaneously, Really cool!



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    why not just run it in a virtual machine then ?

    unless you need to play game or have very little memory in your mac then I'd say

    that it suits your needs much better and is easier to install