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I bought my  Ipod Shuffle 4th generation a week ago and have been unsuccesful in synchronizing it with iTunes.   I've downloaded the latest iTune 11.0.4 and when I go to Devices under File, the only thing that is highlighted is 'Transfer purchases from ...... Sync, Backup, and Backup restore is not highlighted. 


I think both, device and software, are working but to what degree I really don't know.  When I plug the USB to my MBP, an Ipod icon shows up on my desktop. iTunes pops up when I plug it in and an icon also shows up in the right corner next to the iTunes store icon.  So I know my MBP recognizes it.  I have not been able to download any music (mp3) from my iTunes library but I've been able to drag and drop files into it.  Also according to the Ipod info, the format is MS-DOS (FAT32).  Here is a printout of the device




  Capacity:    2.02 GB (2,018,496,512 bytes)

  Removable Media:    Yes

  Detachable Drive:    Yes

  BSD Name:    disk2

  Product ID:    0x1303

  Vendor ID:    0x05ac  (Apple Inc.)

  Version:     0.01

  Serial Number:    000A2700238EB232

  Speed:    Up to 480 Mb/sec

  Manufacturer:    Apple Inc.

  Location ID:    0xfd120000 / 4

  Current Available (mA):    500

  Current Required (mA):    500

  Extra Operating Current (mA):    500

  Partition Map Type:    Unknown

  S.M.A.R.T. status:    Not Supported


I've tried the manual sync but to no avail and read as much as the discussions for the last week.  I'm ready to return this item if I don't get some answers.  thanks.

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