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How can I download past episodes of podcasts that I now subscribe to?

iPhone 4S
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    I have no solution, johende, but have a similar question so maybe this "nudge" will elicit a reponse - apologies for jumping on the back of your question.


    It's a while since I subscribed to a new podcast, but today I have done so to several.  Last time, the iTunes Podcasts panel showed all available episodes in grey and presented a button which allowed me to downlaod "All" or merely individual episodes.


    Now, however, it seems that I have to click on each individual episode in the iTunes Store and get them one by one.  Even clicking the option to download all episodes does nothing.


    I'm running iTunes v11.1.2 (32) under MacOSX.6.8 Build 10K549 on a 27" quadcore i7 iMac with 16GB RAM and 1TB HD.


    Why can I now not download "All" episodes with one click?


    And if the answer is because I'm being stupid and overlooking the obvious, tell me how to do it but break it to me gently as I cry easily! 


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