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I have a problem with my Plantronics Legend in connection with iPhone 4S / IOS6:


It only affects calls. I have the headset on and start a call. I will show me that PLT_Legend is active and I hear it ringing in the headset. Then it switches the sound back to the iPhone! I click on the headset again and have the sound there, and after a second, it's on the iPhone again. This goes for up to 10 times until the call stays on the headset. This is serious. I cannot talk in the car, and can make no business calls!


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iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.4
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    Do you have any other BT devices, and do they stay connected?  If you do, and they are not having issues, it is probably the headset.


    I have two of the Plantronics Voyager Legend headsets for me and my wife.  One of them kept doing exactally what you described.  I took it back an exchanged it, and have not had an issue since.

  • Wayne @ HDI Level 1 (15 points)

    The only other thing to try is deleting the headset as a device from your phone and try pairing again.  Sometimes this does the trick but it sounds like a defective headset. 


    Piaring instructions if you need them: How to Pair Voyager Legend



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    I am using this headset with iPhone 5 and blackberry.  It has the same problem switching back to phone in the middle of conversation.  It just started doing it on both phones after 5 months of no problem.  I think it is the denser inside the headset thinking I took it off from my ear and switches to phone.

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    Thanks for your answers.


    @gwforeman: I bought another identical model, and this works fine. So it's the headset.


    @Wayne: I already did that, with no success


    @epekarik: That's how it went with me, too! No problems for months, then the problem started and got worse over time.


    In summary it seems like a hardware problem. The last thing I can think of is resetting the headset to manufacturers setting. Did you try that, epekarik? I dunno how to do, if even possible.


    Regards, Julian

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    I have been thru about 6 different headsets lately trying to find one that works well.  this is a constant problem I have been having with mulitple models - that it just randomly drops the BT connection in the middle of a conversation.  it's definitely not a headset issue as I have had it happen over and over.  Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?  I have an iphone 5.