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I have a Mac Pro running 10.5.8. I am trying to upgrade to Mountain Lion and the first step is to upgrade to Snow Leopard. I have the CD but the installer did not see Macintosh HD (which is two physicval drives mirrored).


I used Disk Utility and repaired disk permissions but 'Verify Disk' shows up file count errors - see attached screenshot.


Picture 1.png


The 'Repair Disk' option is greyed out. What can I do?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I think it's a hardware(HDD) trouble, though following tip could solve your problem if your Macintosh HD is still bootable.



    -- kaz-k

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    Break the mirror. Installing on a RAID is not supported. You could if you didn't try with 10.6.3 DVD but then Lion and ML will not support install to an array. The Recovery Mode partition cannot be created on a mirror or any array.


    You can clone the system when you are done. CCC does a great job. And you want to have another boot drive with the OS and with a recovery partition.


    There are changes to the partition maps and arrays that can only be done by destroying the old mirror.



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    OK. Whilst I was waiting I managed to get to 10.6.8 by running the CD from boot.


    How do I break the mirror? Take one of the disks out? I REALLY dont want to lose data!

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    You never should use any volume w/o backups.

    instead of installing over the old OS, do a clean install to a new drive.

    you need backups for your mirror.


    a better use is to have a clone and not a mirror. Mirror comes after backups.

    Clone plus Time Machine and then mirror.

    for a nice system drive, $100 Samsung 840 SSD.

    For your data, 1TB WD Black, or use a mirror of two (aimfor 50% free).