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Hey everyone. I recently bought a 2006 macbook. I have a few concerns. I can already tell the computer needs a new battery. When I go to battery it either says replace soon or service soon. I am in contact with a seller to get a battery as we speak. Also the fan on here seems to get really loud. If I am doing anything like on youtube or downloading something. (nothing heavy) it starts out like you can barely here it than it gets louder and louder and I get scared and shut off the computer. I downloaded this thing called smc fan control and it tells me the computer is at 40c right now but when it starts doing that it jumps up to the 70s to 80s. Could the bad battery be a reason why the fan gets like that. (im hoping so). Also I dont know my way all around a macbook quite yet so if you could tell me a few pointers that would be great.

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