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Dear all,


So here is my problem. For work I have access to several calendars; some belong to me, some to my boss and my colleagues. When I install the calendars in iCal, as some of you already now, the information gets automatically copied in my system preferences under Mail, Contacts & Calendar. When I first install the calendars all goes well, until I restart my computer. When I do that, all my calendar accounts get renamed in my name only. I have tried clicking on the Information button next to the name of the account owner and rechanging it - but the system changes it automatically back everytime I restart the computer.

First big consequence was that my computer started believing that all these mailadresses were mine and added them to my admin account info. I fixed that part of the problem - but the calendars are still in my name and that makes no sense. I have managed to contain the problem, but I would like to fix it all together.


FYI: The calendar accounts are both gmail and exchange and it happends with both types.


Because the calendar accounts are both gmail and exchange there aren't a lot of alternative options calendar wise (for free that is to say).


Can anyone help? I would really like to fix this and continue using iCal.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), ICal