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I mistakenly deleted an important note in the notes application of my iPhone. I had backed up the iPhone in (iTunes for PC); however, I only want to recover the content of notes.  Everything else is outdated. Is there a way I can either see the content of notes on the PC or recover only the content of the notes app to my iPhone?

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    No. Either you do a complete restore or not. You cannot do a selective recovery on the iphone.

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    Would be nice to know to do a selective recovery from a backup, but I solved my problem in an entirely different way.  Checked in my old iPhone after charging it,  (the most recent one before I upgraded) in NOTES, and voila - there it was.

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    Thanks KC7GNM - and I take it there is no way to see the backup data in a PC or MAC.  It's iCloud for me in the future.

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    Thanks Nickway. - great

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    wao! where's my original reply!! How come it vanished? Just because I highlighted something from apple's terms and conditions?

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    Again, this was my original reply, which for some reason had vanished from the replies posted here!



    You could use a backup recovery software to view the data you have in the backup, and choose not to restore to the old backup while still having access to view and use the data backed up.

    I would personally recommend Total Saver as I use it quite often to clean things up from my iPhone and backup data to my PC. You can get notes, contacts, photos, videos, texts and a few more details using that app


    I am a little hesitant to backup data to iCloud for 3 reasons :-

    1. All my data (including contacts and texts, which are very personal) are stored somewhere on which I don't have any control and ofcourse now we all know that Uncle Sam gets all of the data!
    2. If a device has not backed up to iCloud for a period of one hundred and eighty (180) days, Apple reserves the right to delete the backups associated with that device! So I need to keep wasting my bandwidth very often to keep backing up my iPhone to iCloud. 1 minute videos that my iPhone 5 saves for over 150Mb of disk space are really going to eat all of that bandwidth. This is mentioned in the terms and conditions agreement http://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/icloud/en/terms.html
    3. It does not backup everything


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