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I am trying to find the best method for managing video clips.


I currently import them to Aperture from various devices (many IOS devices and a digital camera) and then export them to a portable hard drive.


This works but is quite time consuming.


1. Is this the most efficient way to manage the clips? I can't find an Apple application that seems suited to this particular task. iPhoto and Aperture are fine for photos but don't seem designed for video.


2. The video clips from my Panasonic digital camera carry the "date of transfer" rather than the "date created" when I transfer to the portable hard drive. I currently insert the Panasonic memory stick to my Mac and then drag and drop the files (photos and videos) to the portabale hard drive. How do I retain the data for when the clip was taken?


3. Ref 2, presumably because I renamed the files with the original date in iPhoto/Aperture before exporting to the portable hard drive, I am able to see the date of the clip on the portable hard drive in the file name.  Is there anyway to transfer this date/time to the "date created" field - e.g. by transferring the files back into Aperture and back again to the portable hard drive?


4. Any other tips I need to be aware of when transferring video clips? My objective is to retain the date taken data.


Thank you