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i am running Lion on my Mac Pro and Mountain Lion on my MBP. in addition to Mac Mail i have been running Sparrow. i am also familiar with Thunderbird having used it in the past.


i am on IMAP with a GMail, iCloud, and my domain based email accounts.


i have a long running and rather curious problem with mac mail search. time and time again if i enter a term into Mac Mail Search i do not get any results or only get search results for something that i am not looking for (usually they appear accurate in what they are reporting but since i am not seeing what i am looking for i am not looking too deeply into this. more often than not if i don't get a result in the
"From" pulldown i will try a pulldown to "All Message" or whatever the All category says.


OTOH, if i put this exact same term in Sparrow a result pops up immediately.


for instance if i use "tasha" i will get a result for "tasha@someoddaddress.com" in Sparrow and i can select this and see all the emails she has sent me but noresult in Mac Mail.


any techies able to explain whether i can catalog mail search results in some way?




other background:

this has been a long running situation but i will say that i changed something recently just in case i am missing something. i am forwarding mail to an "All@mydomain.com" account that is only put into Sparrow, even though all the accounts that are in this domain are put into Mac Mail. so, the email shows up in both the account it was sent to (and shows up in Mac Mail in this account) but it /also/ shows up in the "All" account put into Sparrow. i did this in order to minimize the number of accounts that Mac Mail and or Sparrow were asking my server to show because there is an issue with my web host where Mac Mail "pings' the site and leaves open processes. this is a very long story (and should be fixed by Mac) but in the end i cannot see why this should affect Mail Search results and it existed prior to my having to do this anyway.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), with 64 bit Win7 Boot Camp | iCloud
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    Something you can try.


    Reindex Email Messages

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    hi eric. as always thanks for some really awesome information. i have been trying to get this figured out from time to time with no luck. not sure if t his was because i was posting in the lion forums.


    but anyway can i ask you if i am SOOOF (Sort Of Out Of Luck) if i am stuck on Lion on my desktop due to the age of my mac pro? i mean, i do most of my work on the mac pro and since it is stuck on lion and this tech article specifically says Mountain Lion...


    any thoughts?



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    You are welcome.


    Lion version - appears to spell out the same steps.



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    lord. thanks again.


    i also see that "reindex" is a good word for searching mac articles so that is helpful as well.


    awesome, another one down.

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    I hope that solves everything and you are welcome.

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    hi eric.


    quick follow up please?


    i am tidying up here and just ran this on my mbp (lion) and also added photostream sync to the laptop. tech tools just gave me a oops you are below 15% available memory on this machine prompt and i must have done something since i have no real data in the My Documents folder now that i am sorting it all out on the mac pro trying to figure out what to move to the mbp and or what to sync instead.


    i am in whatsize poking through there but do you have a hunch as to whether this is likely due to a combination of these two or one or none in some way? i know i can check the size of the Pictures folder (previously there was almost nothing in here) and i can check the size of the Mail folder (not sure how big this used to be but i guess i could take a look in Time Machine and check it against the new folder size?).


    anyway, this is a 250 GB HD and the last i remembered i had a ton of space on it (like high 100's).



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    sorry, forgot to say that after deleting these three files and restarting Mail (per the instructions) it ran a "Message Import" routine that ran for a long time.


    also, i hope it is not mission critical to have mentioned i am on IMAP.



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    15% available memory or 15% available hard drive space?


    Portable Macs store local Time Machine snapshots on the drive, which makes it somewhat difficult to determine how much hard drive space is really available. When the space is needed, the local snapshots are automatically deleted.


    Local Snapshots - About


    Local Snapshots on Portable Macs


    Local Snapshots on Portable Macs (2)


    If I didn't understand what you wanted to know, please advise.

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    hi eric. many thanks.


    i will have to read these links closer but what i meant to say is that the hard drive space that was being taken up seemed like it suddenly jumped way up because i had just gotten through a process in the last month where i am storing all my My Documents data on my Mac Pro. i am doing this in order to decide whether i should just keep it ALL on my Mac Pro and use ChronoSync to sync /some/ of it to my MBP.


    so if i look in the Documents folder on my Mac Pro i have a ton of folders that i have created with a ton of data. if i look in the Documents folder on my MBP there are NO folders that have data in them that i created. there are other folders such as folders that various software created but what i mean to point out is that there was a LOT of available space on my HD until recently.


    i am wondering if there is some way that running the Mail re-index (it then ran some kind of "Importing" routine) or by syncing my Photostream to the MBP caused a huge jump in data on this drive. if it is the photostream sync i can just take this off or see if it will sync more selectively. if it is something to do with mac mail jumping in size i am not sure why this would happen or what to do about it.


    does that question make sense?


    i mean, before i did these two operations my recollection is that i would have had 130 GB on the hard drive (really just guessing here) and now there is like 218 GB on the hard drive and i don't know where all this came from...

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    In theory, the Mail reindex shouldn't have caused a large data increase, but you might want to check your inboxes, sent, and trash mailboxes to see if what was imported is older items. Gmail and Apple Mail don't always play well together.


    You are going to have to experiment with Photostream. If you had a large amount of pictures you synced, that could explain a lot of used space. My wife's photo collection is over 87 GB.

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    thanks for the always fantastic help eric...

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    You are welcome.