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So, today has been a disaster for my poor little iPhone. I have been at football camp all day, and my phone has been tucked away in my bag, so no physical damage was done to it whatsoever. At about 3:30, I checked it and it was working fine. At 4, when my camp ended, my phone was dead - with 80%+ battery. It wouldn't display anything, not an Apple logo, not a charge logo, nothing. So, I tried restarting it by pressing the home button and sleep button together for 20 seconds, and it didn't work. I tried doing it for 60 seconds, and it didn't work. So, finally, I get home and plug my phone into my wall charger in hopes of reviving my iPhone, and still no luck. So I've reached my last resort and I plugged it into the computer to restore it. I finally got it to show up, and didn't think there would be any problems. I started getting it restored, and no luck. I got error message 9. I thought it was just unlucky, so I tried again. This time, the process had went a little further, enough to display an Apple logo on my screen, but then I got error message 1600. Ever since then, I've been getting those error messages. I've tried everything. I've rebooted my Mac, changed USB ports, everything. Does anybody know what it might be? I know what both errors mean, and the problems that they are depicting aren't actually happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4, Problem restoring my iPhone 5.