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Only want to transfer (migrate) Partial iTunes/iPhotos to new Mac Air.


I have 8000+ iTunes and about 7000 photos, they are large files AIFF and RAW.


I only want to transfer to the Mac Air about 20% of the iTunes and iPhotos.


How can I do that, I know how to transfer the entire file but it would be a long process to transfer and delete all the excess.

Hopefully there is a way.





OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    iPhoto is pretty simple. Select the events, albums, and pictures you want on the new computer in iPhoto. Under the File menu, select Export and choose the original size. You should either export the pictures to an external drive or use file sharing and mount the new computer's drive on the old computer. This will export the photos, you'll then need to import them into iPhoto on the new computer. Since the export will not respect albums and events you might want to export each one separately into different folders first.


    The music is a bit more problematic. I can't think of a convenient way to do it other that what you suggested. If you want to copy entire albums you could traverse your library, copy entire album folders, and then import them into the new computer.

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    Can I put songs from my current iMac onto a flash drive and load them onto the Mac Air?

    Most of my songs were loaded into the iMac, I have about 5% purchased from iTunes, if they cannot be loaded it is no big deal.



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    Yes, that will work fine.

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    An app called Power Tunes may work for you. It offers a lot more otions for copying and managing Itunes files, playlists and everything else over multiple installations on iTunes.