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I recorded a video of my daughters ballet recital on my company's ipad. I would like to transfer it to my mac or pc and delete it from ipad? Can I do this?

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    Hi EdinaR,


    If you recorded the video using the Camera app on your iPad, then you can import the videos that are on your Camera Roll onto a Mac or PC.


    The article below will show you how:


    iOS: Importing personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer


    I hope this information helps ....

    Have a great day!



    - Judy

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    I need to transfer photos from an iPad onto a computer, and I have access to a friend's Mac.


    The Apple website provides instructions here




    however, it just says to connect the iPad to the Mac, and I have no idea how to do that.


    Can someone give me step-by-step instructions that do not assume any prior knowledge, e.g. I need to know how to connect the iPad to the Mac (Apple's instructions assume that newbies would know how to do that).


    Also, it is a friend's Mac, and I would prefer to have a simple way of transferring the photos, rather than using iTunes, since I would prefer not to meddle with my friend's iTunes settings for his own computer.

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    Hi Gamesione,


    • Connect the iPad to one of the Mac's USB ports using the iPad's charge/sync cable (but don't open iTunes on the Mac);
    • From the Mac's Applications folder, open the Image Capture app;
    • The iPad should now appear in the side column (listed under Devices) and all the photos and videos will appear in the Image Capture window;
    • Click on a photo (or video) to select it. Command-click on all the other photos that you wish to copy to the Mac;
    • At the bottom left of the Image Capture window select where you wish to save the photos (for example, the Desktop);
    • At the bottom right of the window click on Import. All the selected photos (and/or videos) will be copied to the Mac.


    Note that you can also drag the photos or videos from the Image Capture window directly to the Mac's Desktop. This action will copy the items to the Desktop.



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    You can totally do this. http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201302

    Read the info from support apple above to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac or pc.

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    1. Connect your iPad to your Mac, then turn the iPad on. If the iPad is locked with a passcode, enter it.
    2. In Image Capture, select iPad in the Devices list.
    3. Use the buttons at the bottom of the Image Capture window to view the thumbnails as a list or as icons to change the size of the thumbnails, or to rotate or delete images.
    4. From the Import To pop-up menu, choose where to save the images or which app to use to open the image.
    5. To import only some of the photos, select those photos, then click Import. To import all the photos, click Import All.
    6. Choose AutoImporter from the “Connecting this [device] opens” pop-up menu to transfer images from a device to your computer whenever you connect it to your computer.
    7. Select “Delete after Import” to remove the items from the iPad after transferring them to your computer. You can also select individual items on your iPad, then press the Delete key on your keyboard.


    You can also transfer videos from iPhone to Mac with the above way.

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    Can't tell you folks who are finding this post early in the day, how long I took to do this very simple transfer.  Thanks to you ALL!  Tonight, I can go to sleep with a good feeling that one more mystery about the ipad has been solved.