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I'd like to be able to mark/flag/tag outgoing emails to which I expect a reply so that I am reminded within X hours/days if they have not been answered.  I could, of course, move sent emails to a "pending reply" folder but it would be nice to automate that action or have some app pop up to ask if I want a reply to enter the deadline for expecting it.  That way I get reminded if a message isn't answered in a timely manner.   Thanks.

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    Take a look at MailHub:




    It allows you to set a reminder for emails, so it might at least approximate what you're looking for.





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    Thanks for the suggestion.  I looked over the manual for MailHub and it can be made to do what I want.  However, the process would take longer than the method I use now (simply moving the sent message from the SENT folder to a folder named AWAITING REPLY--CHECK DAILY.  If I needed to deal with a lot of messages, then MailHub might well be the way to go.  However, I generally add only 5-10 messages a week to the AWAITING folder. Again, thanks for the help.