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I have recently purchased 5 audiobooks in iTunes on my work laptop and they are not showing up on my iPhone nor my iPad.  I'm logged in to my iTunes account on my laptop so, I would assume what I purchase within my account, should show up in my account so I dont have to purchase the same items twice.


Does anyone know how to fix this issue?  And living outside of the US shouldnt be reason why it doesnt allow me to sync through my account - there should be no reason why anything shouldnt work the same no matter where one lives on God's green earth!

iBook, iOS 6.1.4, iTunes purchased items
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    Audiobooks are about the only items for which redownloading has not been granted by the content owner. So you need to sync them from your laptop to your iPhone and iPad. Do they appear on the laptop? If so, synching should be no problem.



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    Start by choosing Store> Check For Available Downloads in iTunes. It should see the audiobooks, which should appear in the Books dropdown menu. If that works, you should then connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer. Open the device, and click on "Books". Then select "Sync Audiobooks". If this completes. and the audiobooks sync to your device, they should then be in the Music app, under More (...) > Audiobooks.


    You may need to either close and re-open the Music app, or possibly restart your iPhone or iPad to get them to show up.


    Do you have iTunes Match, by chance?