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I use my iphone 4s for taking work related photos of products, and it is easy for me to take 300 photos in one sitting.  Every time I connect my iphone to my pc (windows 7) with a USB cable and try to transfer the images, I manage to get a few files transferred before the error messError Moving File or Folder:  A device attached to the system is not functioning"


Things to know:


- My iphone software is up to date

- Itunes does not automatically start when I plug the phone into the pc.  This stopped working after updates were done earlier this year, which were so detrimental that I ended up with apple replacing my iphone.

- My iphone is brand new as of Feb 2013

- I have tried automatically transferring the photos via "Automatically Import..." function on Auto Play menu, it does the same thing.

- Every time I plug the iphone into the computer, I get a message that "This device can perform faster if I plug into high speed port".  This is a new message, started a couple of months ago.  I have checked, and according to my computer, all of the USB ports are high speed.  ???


This is super frustrating, as it takes me HOURS to do something that should take minutes.  HELP ME!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    How old is the computer? Is Windows up to date? Actually, any Windows 7 computer should have USB 2.0 ports on itso I don't see why you should be getting this error unless you are connected to a USB hub instead of directly to the computer. If you are not using Windows Import for the photos, what are you using? Are you an administrator on that computer? iTunes can be set not to automatically start when you plug the phone in, but it sounds as if you have a driver issue for the USB port.


    You can try and uninstall and then reinstall iTunes on the computer. Do this with the phone disconnected from the computer and follow the instructions in this support document exactly http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923. Once you have reinstalled iTunes, reboot the computer and connect the iPhone. It should download the latest USB driver for the iPhone. See if this helps.

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    Hi Chris,


    The computer is two years old, and windows is up to date.  I am connecting my usb to the ports on the side of my laptop.  Unfortunately, I am manually copying 4-6 images at a time from my iphone into a desktop folder via windows explorer.  If I try to do the whole kit and caboodle at once, it will copy a few, then crash.  When I restart, it will continue to copy the same files that were already transferred, before crashing again, becoming an exercise in futility.  If I do a few at a time, at least I am gradually getting the images I need before I get the error message and have to start the whole process again.

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    Have you tried all of the USB ports on the computer? It sounds like there might be a problem with the one you are using. There is also the possibility of a corrupt photo file that is causing the crash. If you connect the phone to the computer and rightt-click on it and select Import the photos, what happens? If you transfer these few pictures and then delete them from the phone and then continue, will it work as designed?

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    I had tried two of three ports.  The third was being used by my wireless mouse.  I have moved the mouse to another port and hooked into that one.  The mouse continues to work fine, however, the pc didn't recognize the device attached (error 43) the first two times I plugged into the port.  The third time it read the iphone, and then we went through the same stuff as before.  The same suggestion about switching to a faster port, the same error message about the device not functioning.  I have used three different usb cords, and the same thing happened with all of them, as did with all of the usb ports on the computer.   I feel like this is an Iphone issue, which seems ridiculous, as it is only a few months old.

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    It is a compatability issue, not just a phone issue. I suggest the earlier comment I made regarding the uninstall and reinstall of iTunes. Again, follow the directions exactly. This should help.

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    I did everything you suggested, exactly as it states in the tutorial.  Sad to say, but I am pretty knowledgeable on how to uninstall and reinstall itunes, as I think I have done it about a dozen or more times this year alone.


    Still getting the same USB message when plugging in, and still having the device crash as I am transferring files.


    Any other ideas?  I have been trying to resolve the issue/download my photos for over 3.5 hours now. 

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    Well, there is one last thing that I can think of. Right-click computer with the phone connected. Go to device manager and see if there is anything listed there under USB that has a red X or a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it. Disconnect the phone. See if there is a problem listed then. If there is in either case, select that and delete it. With the phone disconnected, right-click on the task bar and go to Task Manager. Go to the Services tab and find the Apple Mobile Device service. Stop the service. After it has stopped, start it again. After it has started, plug the phone in and see if it prompts a download of a new USB driver for the iPhone. If it does, see if that corrects the problem.


    EDIT: I'm still believing this is a Windows issue with the driver, that is why you are getting the USB error message.


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    No red x or yellow triangles.  Everything says it is working properly.

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    Did you do the Apple Mobile Device in services as I mentioned?

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    I tried that, and no prompt to download a new USB driver

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    You won't get a prompt, however you should see in the notification center that a new driver is being loaded. When the phone is plugged in and you go to Device Manager, do you see anything in the USB section that shows an iPhone? If so, try to uninstall it/the driver. Then remove the phone, reboot the computer. After it finishes, plug the phone back in and see if you can get it to load the driver.

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    Yes, I did as you suggested above, and it did load the new driver.  When I plugged in the phone, it immediately gave the same USB message about plugging into a high speed port.  I tried to transfer some images to see if it is having the same problem, and it is still doing the same thing. 

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    Sounds too much like an issue between Windows and the iPhone. Can you try and plug the phone into another computer and import the pictures? Just make sure the other computer does not have iTunes on it with it set to open/sync upon connection. Make those changes in iTunes settings. If you can connect the phone successfully to another Windows 7 computer and import the pictures, then it is something on your computer.


    My best guess is that you will be able to do it. You can also connect to a computer without iTunes, since you are not going to be doing anything that requires iTunes anyway. Good luck with that, and let me know if this is sucessfull.

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    i would suggest a wi-fi transfer app for that, http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wireless-transfer-app/id543119010?ls=1&mt=8

    it connects your iphone and PC through Wi-fi, the photo transfers all to be done over wi-fi. very fast speed!