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I use my iphone 4s for taking work related photos of products, and it is easy for me to take 300 photos in one sitting.  Every time I connect my iphone to my pc (windows 7) with a USB cable and try to transfer the images, I manage to get a few files transferred before the error messError Moving File or Folder:  A device attached to the system is not functioning"


Things to know:


- My iphone software is up to date

- Itunes does not automatically start when I plug the phone into the pc.  This stopped working after updates were done earlier this year, which were so detrimental that I ended up with apple replacing my iphone.

- My iphone is brand new as of Feb 2013

- I have tried automatically transferring the photos via "Automatically Import..." function on Auto Play menu, it does the same thing.

- Every time I plug the iphone into the computer, I get a message that "This device can perform faster if I plug into high speed port".  This is a new message, started a couple of months ago.  I have checked, and according to my computer, all of the USB ports are high speed.  ???


This is super frustrating, as it takes me HOURS to do something that should take minutes.  HELP ME!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3