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I have two mail accounts with the same service (pacbell.net) but for some reason mail on my MacPro OS X 10.8 has suddenly stopped recognizing the password to one of the accounts. The password is correct and I have deleted and reinstalled the account several times with he same results. I keep getting the error "mail can't connect to account  .....@pacbell.net" Any ideas?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Use this article to determine which part of the email "ecosystem" is the cause of the email issue.


    For more information on this, take a look at this article:

    OS X Mail: Troubleshooting sending and receiving email messages



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    Mac OS X

    Try deleting the password from Keychain Access (Utilities folder). While there you can also run Keychain First Aid under the Keychain Access menu.


    Test. If the problem persists try resetting the keychain.


    Keychain Reset

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    Thanks but unfortunately that didn't solve the issue.

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    It may be a server problem.


    If you can access your non-functioning account through pacbell's web site, see if you can sign in there. I had an account that refused to recognize a password when Verizon changed their server configuration and I had to get tech support to change it, give me the new password, and then I could sign in to change the password to something I wanted. My other accounts worked okay.