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  • fromsouth Level 4 Level 4 (3,735 points)

    Essentially the question is "will Apple write the virus for my Antivirus or not?". Wonder what the answer would be...

  • jhlgreen Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just received another call from McAfee telling me that they are still researching the issue BUT would call me back when a fix was ready.  I ask about a timeframe - no idea.  HA  -- BUT - at least they have been more responsive than Apple!  I will let you know IF i receive any more information.   CJ Green

  • Tiresome Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm wondering if this process is slowly being worked on between Apple and McAfee. My preferences seem to be  saved more often now, but not all time after logging into iTunes...I still every so often get the annoying license agreement and tutorial pop-ups but not as much as before(this is when McAfee real time scanning is on). Let's just keep our fingers crossed that they are really working on this issue!

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    7/14/2013 - I typed this and had it ready to go except for adding the quote marks above - that zapped me!  SO....

    McAfee called me again yesterday (7/13/2013) and set up an appointment with me for trying a fix next Thursday morning (7/18/13) .  I do not know whether to be hopeful or not!  I will update this discussion after that time with the results.  Prior to this (same day)  Apple Sr Tech emailed me with thiis:


    "Good Afternoon Jane,

                I've been reviewing the information you gave me and I see the issue you are describing is happening to others but I'm not sure if you understand what I meant when I was trying to tell you the cause. I believe what the forums are stating maybe correct. Almost every person on that forum having the issue is also using McAfee. There is more than likely some conflict between the two programs, but if that is the case it would not be Apple to resolve the issue because iTunes is not the cause. iTunes works fine on all other devices McAfee is causing the issue as it is only those machines who seem to be affected. "


    I DID let him know again that AVG and some other programs had the same issue.  So as you can see Apple is not really taking any responsibility with iTunes being any of the cause!   CJ Green


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    As I see it the AVG issue is similar but different. It affects different files but in a similar fashion. The task of anti-virus software is to monitor file activity and prevent unwanted modifications by unauthorized software, but it should not interfere with the normal operation of legitimate software. iTunes will be using the published operating system calls and, while I can think of ways to make it more robust, iTunes ought to be able to assume that its instructions are carried out by the OS as given. This has happened before, Sony VIAO's used to ship with a piece of software that caused similar problems. Again it required that Sony fix their software since it was causing the problem.



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    Just called by Tier 2 support with an "update".  "Higher research team" told Tier 2 to ask me if I would downgrade my itunes to a previous version, as that, sometimes, not always, resolves the problem.


    UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE!!!  I told them No I would not do that as that would be no different than Apple telling me to downgrade my McAfee program cause sometimes that fixes the problem....


    Geez....So my "case" is still open and they will update me when they have more "information".

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    McAfee just called me and said that they have tested and found that the problem is with version 11.0.4 of iTunes.  They wanted to get on my system and revert back to 11.0.3 iTunes.  They have done this on a number of clients and the problem is gone. 


    I did NOT let them get on my computer.  Since this seems to be an iTunes problem then Apple should fix it. Reverting back is not an option for me either!  So... my cases with Apple and McFee are both open.  I sent this information to the Sr Tech at Apple who is working on this but I doubt I get anywhere! 


    Also, I informed Derrik at McAfee that MSE does not have the issue.  I may just uninstall McAfee and go to MSE.  For now I am still turning off real time scan/opening iTunes/closing iTunes, turning real time scan back on.

    CJ Green

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    Programs incompatibility is as old as computers and programs. Neither one of the companies guarantees compatibility with another program. If you still running both programs and didn't go to other alternatives, I feel sorry for you. If you still do that because you expect solution to come from Apple, essentially creating virus for antivirus - my sorry becomes "VERY SORRY". Good luck to everyone!

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    Good advice!   I need to change software.   You are correct about Apple... this is what I just received in an email from a Sr Tech at Apple:


      "Jane -  I have actually already replied again to our Engineers as I have not heard further response from them. I apologize about the time its taking their department may be a bit busier than normal. Remember, when we update our products, it can cause conflicts with other programs. There may possibly be an issue with iTunes itself or it may just be that with the new changes, certain actions are performed differently, causing compatibility issues. I'm not attempting to discredit what the McAffee advisor said. I just want you to realize how the situation generally works, because I've had things like this happen in the past that were resolved by an update to whatever software or device was giving the problem. Again, Im not attempting to disagree with you, I just want you to be fully informed.

    Winston Davis

    Winston Davis 

    iOS and Senior Advisor

    AppleCare "

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    Does Norton 2013 conflict like McAfee?

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    I spent several days and several hours with McAfee on this issue.  Where we ended up is going back to  Not the ideal solution, but from my perspective, at least I have two functioning products.  Hopefully someone will get this resolved soon.  For now, I am sticking with

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    I have exactly the same problem. How do I get back to 11.3.42?

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    Uninstall, clean out all iTunes links in the Registry (make sure you have a back up... just in case), then install iTunes  If you don't have a copy, there are several sites that you can the install file from.  Been running it with zero issues.  I am going to wait for 11.0.5.xx before trying to upgrade again.

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    No activity for the last two days. Does it mean that McAfee finally released update?


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    NO... they wanted me to revert to iTunes 11.0.3 - i would not do it. Tomorrow I am uninstalling McAfee - running the removal tool, and installing Norton AV.  My son has 11.0.4  and Norton.  They do not have any issue with the sync.  IF i run into a problem i will post!  I have two other PCs with McAfee but i am leaving them since they are not used for anything to do with iTunes.  They are mostly for my grandchildren to use for games.  I have already paid!

    CJ Green

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