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Dear all


I am looking into moving from PC to a new iMac 27" with max everything here in June 2013. I have no prior experience with Macs.


I would very much like to use my existing HP LP2475w display as a secondary screen when editing pictures.


The max resolution of the HP screen is 1920x1200. Obviously I would like the HP to run at its native max resolution and the iMac to run its higher native resolution.


Searching these forums have not returned any answers to the current iMac. In the bottom of the post is a listing of all the ports on the back of the HP screen. I do not have any of the original additional cables that came with the HP .


Now the questions:


1) Does anybody know if I will be able to use the HP screen or not?


2) If yes - would it mean a lower resolution on the iMac screen (i.e. would both screens have to run at the same resolution)?


3) If yes - what cables would I need to be able to connect the HP screen to the iMac?

All input much appreciated - thanks in advance




4 DisplayPort Connector Connects the DisplayPort signal cable to the monitor.

5 HDMI Connector Connects the HDMI signal cable to the monitor.

6 DVI-I Connectors Connects the DVI to VGA signal cable or DVI to DVI-D signal

cable to the monitor.

7 SPDIF Audio Connector Connects an audio cable from a digital audio input on an

external receiver or amplifier to the monitor. NOTE: The SPDIF connector is only used with an HDMI

video input. It does not provide audio for other video inputs.

8 S-Video Connector Connects an S-Video signal cable to the monitor.

9 Composite Connector Connects a Composite signal cable to the monitor.

10 Component Connectors Connects Component signal cables to the monitor.

11 USB Upstream Connector Connects the monitor USB hub cable to a host USB port/hub.

12 USB Downstream Connectors Connects optional USB devices to the monitor.

13 USB Downstream Connectors

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)